501st Costume

I became aware of the 501st Legion when I started up my beloved Twitter account, as it was mentioned by a few sources. From that point I made it a goal to gain entrance into this elite group of costumed Empire representatives. 

 The 501st is dedicated to preserving the feel of the Star Wars universe and has strict standards that apply to the development of costumes for membership. I was originally going to start with my beloved Sith, so I began searching their galleries and detachments for the right fit. I eventually found my way to the Flagship Eclipse, a detachment devoted to the Expanded Universe, and settled on a costume for Darth Maladi.

While I have already begun working on the costume, I was floored yesterday to find that Season 4 of the Clone Wars will include a female Mandalorian Warrior who will be voiced by Katee Sackhoff. Yes... Starbuck has gone over to the bad guys, but what an awesome bad girl this will be! I am now also chatting with the heinous and villainous rogues at the Bounty Hunters Guild and will begin working on this as well.

Considering that the episode will not air until later this year, I will most likely have to wait until I can obtain more reference material to support my choices. I cannot wait to get started! Here are a few of the shots I have been able to obtain so far.