Saturday, July 2, 2011

World Domination Through Tatas, and Geeks for the Cure

Today is my birthday.

As I do every year on my birthday (and many other days in between) I woke up this morning and thanked the universe for having given me another year to spend with my family, and the opportunity to pursue activities that provoke a sense of passion.

I have known several people over the years that have battled breast cancer, with different results. I am also at an age where many women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and being adopted, I cannot look back upon family history to see if my genetics put me at a greater risk. Yet, neither of these is the sole impetus for my choice to participate in Passionately Pink for the Cure. It is really quite a ridiculous story, and I hope it will provide a laugh without undermining the ultimate reason for my participation.

I have been well-endowed since I was about twelve, and while my breasts made the tomboy version of myself at that age feel awkward, I quickly grew to love them. They have changed size, shape, and firmness throughout the years, and have nourished two children. While my breasts do not define me, they have served as an integral part of my life.

The oldest of our children is a huge Clone Wars fan, and his passion has brought us to relive the joy we found in the series when we were young. We will be playing the online game slated to come out later this year, and I in particular, have become even more involved in the Star Wars community through a developing love for the novels, tv series, and crafts. When I signed up for the beta test of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I chose the name "Darth Cleavage" as an homage to "the girls", the fact that I am usually the only female in a gaming group, and the double entendre. The name also became my Twitter name: @darthcleavage.

The other day, a discussion led to my comment about "world domination through tatas" and the lighthearted banter about breasts made me stop and think. I don't want to wait and participate just because someone I know is affected. I do not need to be a survivor to be a warrior. My participation can help other women and may even have some impact in finding a cure. Yoda says, "Do or do not. There is no try" so I am taking this as my opportunity to do.

I am not sure what shape my efforts will take yet. I will be participating in the walk in Savannah in 2012, either individually or with a team, if I am able to find some compatriots. I also hope to be able to fundraise prior to the walk, and am determining how to do so as we speak. I hope you will choose to participate either by fundraising yourself, or making a contribution. Even $1 makes a difference.

As the coversation that led me here went:

@DarkSidePR nothing better than tatas and world domination. Or world domination via tatas.

@darthcleavage And we all lived happily ever after #Empirepropaganda

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