Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1 of Female Mandalorian Costume Endeavor

As I mentioned on my page related to 501st Costumes, I am starting work on the armored portions of the Female Mandalorian who will be in Season 4 of the Clone Wars. She is being voiced by Katee Sackhoff, which is cool enough, but it is hard for me not to also love what a member of the 501st Bounty Hunters Guild Detachment referred to as a "BAMF girl Mando".

I've gone back and forth over whether I should buy pre-made items and shape them, get someone else to make them for me, or do them myself, and settled on doing as much as I can myself. With funding being short at the moment (trying to save for both Sintra and the SWTOR pre-release) I am starting with the patterns, as they really are the core of the whole project.

I found several sizes of Boba Fett armor patterns at The Dented Helmet as the basis for my work. They have already been sized so I all need to do is alter them appropriately. Why reinvent the wheel when you can tweak it, right? I look forward to adding updates as I get this done!

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