Friday, July 8, 2011

Crosscurrent: Read Every Star Wars Novel in Chronological Order

Overall, I enjoyed the book although I found myself skimming over large portions that seemed overly detailed. It was certainly interesting enough to keep me reading more, and I hope that other Kemp books prove to be developed more along my line of taste.

My Highlights

The unusual molecular structure of Lignan attuned it to the dark side and enhanced a Sith’s power when using the Force.  (pp. 5-6)

Both Wyyrlok and Krayt had adopted a title once carried by beings of greater stature. (p. 38)

Over time the rusting hulk had accreted a community of scoundrels around it, almost as though it had its own gravity that pulled only at criminals and rogues, or just those for whom the Galactic Core meant not luxury but overcrowded cities and too many laws. (p. 85)

“Some beings are born lucky. Some are born pretty. Never both. I suppose that makes you lucky.” (p. 99)

“You a Sith?” Khedryn asked, half smiling. “Of course not.” “He says he’s not,” Khedryn said to Marr. “Sith are liars,” Marr said. “That’s true,” Khedryn said. (pp. 116-117)

Laugh even when you die. (p. 263)

Rascals, yes, but quality rascals. (p. 269)

Sentience curses us with a desire to categorize. (p. 288)

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