Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool Gadgets for the Office

I found an interesting post on ZDNet found here, and wanted to share my favorites. I even added a bit of commentary. Some of them were hilarious, some were useful, and some were downright weird. 

The Red Stapler

Yeeeeahhhh. If you don't know the significance of this, then I'm going to need you to head on over to the next product, mmmk?

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... 

Bucky Balls (Magnetic mini-balls, infinite fun!)

"Bucky Balls are essential for anyone who wants to be taken seriously at the workplace! They are magnetic balls that allow you to make all kinds of fun shapes and intriguing items. Use them to lure others over to you, or spell out subtle messages for your boss to read, such as "it's about time you gave me a raise, carn sarn it!" To note, it may take a few order's worth of Bucky Balls to spell out that whole message, but, hey! You can do it. Anyway, they are the perfect pick-me-up item for when you're sitting at your desk with nothing to do."

Just remember kids, they are toys...not food.

USB Digital Voice Recorder

"How many times have you rushed into a team meeting or company conference, only to look around and realize that everyone BUT you has a notepad and a pen? I mean, of course no one is ever serious about actually taking any notes, but it still looks good and as though you're prepared, right? Well, say goodbye to the embarrassment and evil-eye from your boss! Roll up in there with your handy-dandy USB voice recorder and simply record the whole thing! Lay it on the desk and push it far enough away from you that everyone knows you're doing it like a champ. "Pens and paper? Psh. Way to be eco-HATEFUL, co-workers!" Then, when the meeting is over, simply plug it in and email the meeting to your boss. They will most likely enjoy hearing themselves talk, and because you gave them this wondrous joy, good tidings of ambrosia may be bestowed upon you come bonus time. Awesome."

Just make sure that you do not record any of the snide comments that are bound to be made during the meeting, unless you can get brownie points by snitching on a co-worker!

Annoy-a-tron 2.0

"The Annoy-a-tron is a revolutionary step in all that is awesome for the office prankster. Equipped with a magnet for top-secret placement on anything metal, the Annoy-a-tron plays a small set of extremely annoying sounds that are sure to confuse (your victims) and amuse (yourself, naturally). You can select just one of any of the five sounds, or set the switch to randomly play any sound. The genius of this device is that it plays sounds at totally random time intervals, so it's damn-near impossible to find if hidden in the right place! The advantage of the 2.0 over the original is the addition of a couple of sounds and a volume control. If you're serious about pranking someone, set this thing up and see how long they can take it. It may take a while for them to inquire about it outside the comfort of in their own head, but everyone eventually cracks. Everyone. >=)"

It's All Geek To Me would never condone the use of something so heinous. Tee hee.

 Phantom Keystroker V2

"While we're on the topic of office pranksters, no serious prankster's kit is complete without the addition of a Phantom Keystroker. Put simply, this beauty -- when plugged into a USB port -- randomly forces mouse movement, types gibberish, and toggles the caps lock button. You can toggle between any one, two, or all three -- as well as set the frequency for how often these events will occur. If the description alone doesn't make you want one, then you're probably the person someone in your office wants to use one of these on. ;)"

Again, I do not endorse such tomfoolery. ;)

  Gunnar Computer Glasses

"Who knew that being stylish could result in a reduction in eye-strain? Gunnar's computer glasses are an absolute must-have for those of you who spend all day on a computer and want to look damn-good doing it, too! See that hottie in your office just a little more clearly now since your monitor will no longer be able to bogart your vision. Plus, chances are, the very thing that will have you noticing them a little better, will have them noticing you a little more. No, these aren't sunglasses in a night club at midnight; they're TLC for your eyes!"

See, I told you some were actually useful.

Micro Sonic Grenade
"The last of our office prankster items on the list, the micro sonic grenade packs a LOUD punch in a small form factor. At 110-115 decibels, you're talking about assaulting your victim's ear drums with something that's about as loud as a power saw! For the most bang-for-your-buck action, have your cell phone camcorder in-hand and quietly place the grenade near the office's infamous sleeping co-worker. Once the scenario plays out, upload to YouTube and watch additional laughs roll in!"

This is not the grenade you are looking for.

GymyGym Ergonomic Exercise Chair
"Tired of having a sore @$$ after slaving away for the man all day? Not enough time or energy to go get a workout in after work? GYMYGYM ERGONOMIC EXERCISE CHAIR, TO THE RESCUE! Sit in comfort all day long! Do a whole slew of workouts with built-in exercises! Do a whole slew of workouts with built-in exercises while sitting in comfort all day long! Put simply, this chair is a one-stop shop for just about everything a person could want out of a chair. Now, if only they could figure out how to get it to make breakfast..."

Well, the name leaves something to be desired, but this chair is fit for a Sith Lord!


  1. Perhaps less "out there" than the GymyGym, I think the SmartStation from GiqueGEAR deserves inclusion on this list.

  2. I think all of the above gadgets are more adorable. From the above gadgets I mostly like the Gunnar Computer Glasses, because more than 10 hours I setting in front of the computer. That's why I need this gadgets.I also realize that above all geeky gadgets are so useful in our office.