Saturday, June 18, 2011

But I Just Got This One!

I love technology. I love gadgets. I would love to have the kind of income that allows me to buy both whenever I wanted to, but that just isn't the case.

I have and iPod, a Droid, and a Kindle. I would love to have something that combines all three of these with a long lasting battery, plenty of storage, and a larger keyboard so that I can update my blog while traveling.

So my recent quest has found me searching for something that allows me to combine the specifications I would like with a price tag I can handle. I looked into various tablets and found them either too expensive, with limited or non-upgradable storage, and lacking the phone features I desired. So after a few hours of searching and reading random forums, I decided to use my phone as my base of operations.

I picked up the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard so that I can type more quickly and without having to squish my hands together. It folds up for storage and includes a stand that holds your phone up for easy viewing while typing. I got it for $85 on Amazon, significantly less than the MSRP of $129.

Next, I needed to address the battery life issue that is a problem when employing the Droid as a reading device, so I shelled out $49 for the Seidio Innocel 3500 extended life battery. Right now, I can read for about 2.5 hours with the the basic phone and e-mail apps running in the background. Theoretically, this should increase my time to a minimum of 6 hours. Less if I am listening to music at the same time.

Finally, there is the storage issue for all my music so I grabbed a 32GB MicroSD for $45 from Sandisk which should provide me with plenty of space.

With the exception of the intallation of a few apps, I have done little configuration with my Droid so this may be a learning process. I also need to find the best app for music and get it all running!

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