Friday, May 20, 2011

Solid State Drives and Memories

I have a forthcoming paper on Solid State Drives that will cover a brief history, tech specs, but mostly examine ways in which it will both positively and negatively impact forensic efforts. If you have any input or resources to share, they would be welcome!

I heard about SSD's a year ago when a family friend who works at Intel raved about how fast her system was running now that she had switched over. In actuality, that incident may have been the catalyzing force behind my switch from criminal justice to IT. I had been an "accidental" educator for over a decade and really loved it, but did not see it as the profession that would hold me to retirement. While each group of students brought some new challenges, the repetition of the same material over multiple semesters wore on me. At one point I taught three different courses (English, Algebra, and Social Science Survey) in the same term, and while it was hectic, it was also the most fun! I think I am something of a novelty addict and IT certainly offers that!

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