Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shiny! Cowboys and Spaceships!

I <3 Firefly.

If you have never seen the show put it into your Netflix queue, or better yet, watch it instantly. Then throw in the feature film that follows up the unfortunately short-lived series: Serenity. I am actually watching Episode 1 as I write this, thanks to my lovely secondary HD monitor. I cannot think of a single show I have ever seen as rife with savvy humor and sarcasm,  poignant moments, utterly convincing characters, and a blend of cowboys and spaceships. That's right folks... I said COWBOYS and SPACESHIPS!  

Yes, I am a Firefly Fangirl. Yes I own the entire series on DVD, have a couple of t-shirts, and would probably kiss Nathan Fillion's picture before bed each night if I were a bit younger.(O.K. so I might even do it now if it would not make my husband realize I am even stranger than he thinks).

Watch it now!

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